1. Definitions

The following shall apply to the terms and conditions set out below:

1.1. “Peak Season” refers to the following dates:
26 December up to and including 14th January, inclusive each year
Thursday to Monday of the Easter long weekend inclusive each year;
1.2. “Off Peak January” refers to 15th to 31st of January inclusive each year;
1.3. “Off Peak Splendour” refers to Thursday to Sunday inclusive of the Splendour in the Grass festival each year.
1.4. “Off Peak Season” means all dates except Peak Season, Off Peak January and Off Peak Splendour, unless otherwise specified;
1.5. “Group Booking” means a booking consisting of 3 or more rooms reserved for the one group for the same dates;


2. Deposit
2.1. First night’s accommodation is required to secure all Off-Peak Season reservations, due within seven days of making a reservation, unless it is within seven days of arrival in which case it is due immediately on making a reservation.
2.2. 50% of the total accommodation is required to secure any reservation that includes a date within Peak Season, Off Peak January, Off Peak Splendour and Group Booking reservations. The deposit is required within seven days of making a booking more than 60 days prior to arrival, or immediately if made less than 60 days prior to arrival.
2.3. If payment terms are not met, Beach Suites reserves the right to release all reserved room space.


3. Cancellation Policies
3.1. Cancellation of a Peak Season, Off Peak January, Off Peak Splendour or Group Booking reservation with more than 60 days’ notice will incur a cancellation fee of $200 per room.
3.2. Cancellation of a Peak Season, Off Peak January, Off Peak Splendour or Group Booking reservation with less than 60 days’ notice will result in forfeit of the total deposit paid.
3.3. Cancellation of all other Off Peak Season reservations requires seven days’ notice – cancellation with more than seven days’ notice will incur a $50 cancellation fee and less than seven days’ notice will forfeit the total deposit paid.
3.4. Dates booked are not transferable and constitute a cancellation.
3.5. No refunds will be given for early departure.


4. Check-in
4.1. Balance of total accommodation is due upon check in to Beach Suites.
4.2. A $500 security deposit is payable for all reservations on check in to Beach Suites either as a pre-authorisation on a debit or credit card, or as cash. With Group Bookings, if the one group member is taking responsibility for all incidental charges, a credit card pre-authorisation or cash is payable in the sum of $200 per room or $2000 in total whichever is the greater.
Beach Suites pledges to fax card pre-authorisation releases to the relevant financial institution the day following departure so as to minimise the inconvenience this necessary procedure may cause to guests. Release back into your available funds after this point, becomes the responsibility of the relevant bank or financial institution.
4.3. Check in and check out not available on Christmas Day.

4.4. Reception hours are 7am until 10pm NSW time. Should you be arriving after 9pm, please contact Beach Suites prior for key collection instructions.


5. 18 and Under, Special Events Policy.
5.1. No reservation will be accepted for people 18 years and under unless accompanied by a parent, in the same room, for the entire duration reserved.
5.2. Please note that we do not accept Hens Parties or Bucks Parties in any circumstances.


6. Additional Policies
6.1. Pets by application and direct bookings only.
6.2. Beach Suites is a non-smoking property – smoking within the room will incur an immediate fee of $500 being charged. Doors are required to be closed to prevent residual smoke entering the room.
6.3. We anticipate guests at Beach Suites will enjoy a relaxing, fun holiday, however, please be aware that EXCESSIVE cleaning and rubbish removal will incur an additional cleaning fee of $500 minimum per occasion.
6.4. Courtesy towards other guests at Beach Suites is expected, with a ‘No Party Policy’ applicable to all. Unregistered guests will not be admitted after 10pm.
6.5. For Group Bookings, a rooming list should be forwarded to Beach Suites one week prior to arrival.
6.6. All guest requests are noted and will be accommodated wherever possible, however these requests’ are unable to be guaranteed.
6.7. Beach Suites will charge the full amount, current at the time of the incident, to the associated guest, including the monitoring fee, incurred as a result of a false fire alarm responded to by Fire and Rescue NSW caused by cooking fumes, burnt food, smoking, or by any other accidental incident. As at 2018, this amount totals $1,800, inclusive of the fire alarm monitoring fee.
6.8. The signatory on check in to Beach Suites remains liable for any incidents as detailed in the terms and conditions as well as any other damage incurred during the period of room hire, due to the actions of themselves or their guests.
6.9. Beach Suites and its representatives reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to ask any occupant to leave the premises in the event of non-compliance with Terms and Conditions.


7. Waiver All of the above terms and conditions may vary at Beach Suites’ discretion for individual reservations.

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