Pet Policy

Pampered Pets

Beach Suites is a pet friendly Hotel that understands dogs are an extension of your family. We gladly welcome our guests travelling with small dogs. To keep yourself, your dog and our other guests happy, safe and comfortable we ask that the dog owners act responsibly and agree to the conditions listed below:

  • The Hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodations to anyone with a pet. Certain breeds of dog will not be allowed based upon their inherent demeanour and size. A maximum of 12kg for your dog applies. Individual approval is required for each requested accommodation.
  • Proof of current vaccination and flea treatment from a licenced veterinarian is required. All dogs must
    be house-trained, clean and well behaved. Female dogs should not be in season. The dog is required
    to have a tag with its name and current owner contact details.
  • A charge of $125 per night will be added to each penthouse stay and a charge of $75 per night will be added to each studio/suite stay
  • Your dog is required to be either removed from the room or crated during any maintenance or housekeeping.
  • The dog owner will be fully responsible for any and all damages and/or soiling caused by their dog during the stay. The dog owner understands that the costs for the repair or additional cleaning requirements (including labour) will be charged accordingly.
  • The dog owner understands that the dog is not to be left unattended in the Hotel at any time and that the dog must be kept on a leash at all times within the interior public areas of the Hotel.
  • The Hotel reserves the right to remove a dog from the premises when it displays signs of aggression, regardless of breed, type, size, weight etc. Should the dog create a disturbance (barking, whining etc) which cause complaints to be made to the Hotel by other guests or Hotel staff, at the request of the Management on duty, the guest shall immediately remove any dog from the premises and make arrangements to house the dog elsewhere.
  • A ‘Dog in Room’ sign will be displayed on the front of the entry door at all times during your stay.
  • The guest agrees that the dog will not enter any guestroom, other than the one assigned, to safeguard persons with allergies. The minimum fee for a dog in a non-pet room will be $250.
  • The guest agrees to use the dog blanket provided to cover furniture and bedding when used by their pet.

I have read the preceding Beach Suites Pet Policy and in signing below, accept all items.