Byron Bay Spa & Massage Clinics

With crystals creating balance and connection, Byron Bay massage and wellness is literally part of its foundations. Whether you just want to pamper your nails or completely give in to the total indulgence of a retreat style spa day, you’ll find your wellness in Byron Bay. 

Wellness here isn’t just about finding the best massage or best day spa Byron Bay, it’s about creating new habits that serve a better you. 

Walking to Wellness

When wellness is part of your DNA, then wellness experiences can be found around every corner. Polish your body and work out the kinks with our friendly neighbourhood therapeutic professionals in a Byron Bay day spa or salon that is just around the corner.

Polished Nail Bar

Monday to Saturday: morning to late afternoon
Shop 4, 13 Lawson Street, Byron Bay, 2 mins walk
Byron Nails from a Non-Toxic Vegan Nail Spa

Polished is all about self-care with a conscience and has become Byron Bay’s latest beauty destination. Home to enlightened manicures, pedicures and reflexology treatments, Polished prides itself on showing customers that luxe spa experiences don’t need to be compromised by chemicals. 


Byron Massage Clinic

Monday to Thursday: morning to evening.
Friday to Sunday: morning to late afternoon.
6/4 Bay Lane, Byron Bay, 2 mins walk
Space to Heal

Sometimes the space to heal that you’ve been looking for is just around the corner. Whether you are just seeking a moment of calm or are on a journey through the treatment of a chronic condition. Highly qualified therapists from Byron Massage Clinic offer all types of massage therapy from remedial, deep tissue, relaxation and pregnancy massage to complementary treatments such as acupuncture, dry needling, cupping and aromatherapy.


The Art of Wellness

Byron Bay’s Arts & Industrial precinct is only minutes drive from Beach Suites, but is a significant Byron massage and wellness destination in its own right, offering a host of high quality experiences.

Nimbus Co

Monday to Friday: morning to early evening.
Saturday: morning to mid-afternoon. Sunday: morning to late afternoon.
4/17 Tasman Way, Byron Bay, 8 mins drive
Infrared Sauna Sanctuary

Nimbus is a tranquil oasis, scented by hand-rolled incense and housing state of the art private infrared saunas. While saunas have obvious relaxation benefits they can also have very real positive impacts on clinical medical conditions and general wellbeing. Nimbus couples sauna magic with ice baths, curated retail and the invaluable expertise of wellness practitioners. 


Monday to Friday: mid-morning to early evening.
Saturday and Sunday: morning to late afternoon.
7A/11 Banksia Drive, Byron Bay, 7 mins drive
Modern Australian Massage

The beauty of Comma is in the name, it makes you pause and reminds you of the sublime that can be found in stillness. The Last Resort treatment is a reparative back therapy that clarifies and soothes skin combined with a lymphatic massage and the power of 10 precious plant extracts. Take a moment and feel yourself bloom.


Monday to Friday: early morning to evening.
Saturday and Sunday: early morning to late morning
Habitat, Building c2/35/1 Porter St, Byron Bay, 8 mins drive
Mindful Movement Studio

If you’re searching for a way to get out of your head and into your body, Bende is the place to be. The studio weaves meditation into the practice of yoga, yin, pilates, barre, reformer and rituals. Their Vacation Pass offers you one-week of unlimited access to all classes. Learn the art of communicating with your body through breathing.

Unmissable Icons of Byron Bay Wellness

There are a few icons of Byron Bay wellness that take a wellbeing treatment and turn it into an experience that is so transformative that it has the power to create lasting positive change in your life. 

Halcyon House

7 days: mid-morning to early evening
21 Cypress Crescent, Cabarita Beach, 39 mins drive
Detailed Design and Divine Relaxation

Enter the immaculately designed, boutique hotel Halcyon House to find a series of holistic Byron Bay day spa experiences designed with the same level of meticulous detail. Using Australian skincare products Sodashi, Halcyon House offers radiant facial therapies, deeply relaxing massage therapy and purifying body treatments. 

Gaia Retreat

7 days: morning until late afternoon
933 Fernleigh Road, Brooklet, 23 mins drive
Australia’s Most Awarded Wellness Retreat

Celebrating the ancient wisdom of Mother Nature through stunning rainforest settings and outdoor spaces, Gaia offers the full spectrum of face and body treatments in addition to unique energetic healing such as Reiki and craniosacral treatments and Gaia Guidance through sound healing and tarot readings. The depth of this wellness experience from this intimate day spa in the Byron Bay hinterland will stay with you and embolden your life. 


Trybe Wellness House

Monday to Friday: mid-morning to evening.
Saturday: morning to early afternoon. Sunday midday to early evening.
4/142 Bangalow Road, Byron Bay, 23 mins drive
Modern Living from Ancient Practices

Trybe is a bespoke coastal studio that seamlessly unites modern technology with ancient wellness practices. Built with the intention to pair back, simplify and integrate wellbeing from the core out. Build your experience around infrared saunas, ice baths and massage therapies to create new lifestyle rituals.