Making the most of Byron Bay

Byron Bay Diving

As Australians, we are naturally drawn to the ocean, so it’s no surprise that around 400,000 native scuba divers explore its underwater depths each year. Byron Bay, Australia’s easternmost point, offers exceptional dive sites characterised by its stunning reefs, crystal-clear blue waters, and enchanting marine life. This makes Byron the place to visit for all divers.

Diving in Byron Bay

With dive sites just a five-minute boat ride from the main beach, Byron Bay spares you the discomfort of long, rough journeys through tumultuous waters. Near Beach Suites, Sundive in Byron Bay and Bluebay Divers from Brunswick Heads offer a variety of diving experiences. With options ranging from $165 to $310 (gear included), and departures throughout the week, there’s a dive to suit every schedule and budget.

Julian Rocks Diving

Nguthungulli, or as it is commonly referred to, Julian Rocks, is nestled within the Cape Byron Marine Park. It’s largely celebrated as one of Australia’s premier dive sites and it’s just a quick 10-minute boat ride from Byron Bay’s Main Beach, located conveniently across from Beach Suites. This site offers an underwater spectacle. 

Here, the mingling of tropical and cool temperate waters teems with life, showcasing over 1000 species including Leopard Sharks, Manta Rays, and vibrant corals, making every dive at Julian Rocks a truly unforgettable experience.

Scuba diving at Julian Rocks near Byron Bay
Image courtesy of Unsplash
Three divers in Byron Bay
Image courtesy of Unsplash

Dives Within Julian Rocks

The Nursery: Ideal for beginner divers, The Nursery offers a shallow haven of 5-12m, brimming with an astonishing 500 fish species. The Nursery is the go-to top spot for those still finding their bearings underwater.

The Needles: At the southwestern end of Julian Rocks, this site features large Bommies and is a favourite for Manta Rays and Leopard Sharks in summer. With depths of 5-15m, it’s teeming with schools of fish and majestic rays year-round.

Split Bombie: Enjoyed for its large Bombies and a crevice full of schooling Bullseye Fish, Wobbegong Sharks, and Marine Invertebrates, Split Bombie can cater towards divers of almost all levels with depths reaching 15m.

Hugo’s Trench: A paradise for underwater photography fans, Hugo’s Trench is flanked by sheer walls and is home to a variety of small marine life. The site ranges from 15m to 18m deep, ideal for spotting both tiny creatures and larger marine life in the crevices. 

The Cod Hole: Just 30 metres from the northeastern tip of the Rocks, The Cod Hole offers an exciting underwater swim-through, starting at 15m and sloping down to a low of 21m. In the cooler months this is a haven for Grey Nurse Sharks and large Moray Eels. This is a spot for a more experienced diver.

The Cray Cave: At the southeastern end of Julian Rocks, The Cray Cave is nestled among towering rock formations, creating a thrilling dive spot for seasoned divers with depths reaching 25m. This cave is a hotspot for observing Grey Nurse Sharks and Wobbegongs, alongside an impressive variety of other large marine life.

The Mohole: This small cave at the southern end of The Needles, about 14m deep, is a dynamic environment where you can spot a sleeping Loggerhead Turtle or large schools of Kingfish. Nearby, the Line of Smiles offers a crack in a rock wall teeming with diverse marine life and a unique view of wobbegong sharks.

Tassie III Wreck

This dive site is ideal for both novice and experienced divers, featuring the Tassie III wreck alongside remnants of an old jetty and a lush seaweed garden. You’ll enjoy encounters with marine life such as Turtles, Octopus, Eels and Cray Fish.

Snorkelling in Byron Bay

Snorkelling In Byron Bay

Snorkelling in Byron Bay offers an equally incredible experience, but perfect for those looking to stay closer to the surface. Both Blue Bay Divers and Sundive offer year-round snorkelling tours (costs range from $135-$145) that include all necessary equipment like snorkels, fins, and wetsuits. The shallow waters at Julian Rocks allow snorkelers to closely observe an abundant array of marine life.

If you’re planning a diving or snorkelling trip to Byron Bay, make Beach Suites your home base. Located just across from the beach, our luxurious accommodations offer convenience and comfort, ensuring your underwater explorations are as relaxing as your time on land.