Eddie McGuire – Jan 08


“Beautifully designed, craftsman built, the best-ever changing outlook you could find. Remarkable staff, ever helpful, but always aware you are on holiday, with an insider’s knowledge of everything in the region. The best local produce, eaten at top line restaurants or in your own kitchen. Spotless, seamless cleaning, abundant towels. Air conditioned by nature at the pull of a lever or by machine at the push of a button. A cool beer by a private pool while looking out to sea. Never missing a moment of news and entertainment as you watch the best in T.V. D.V.D. with the papers at the door first thing each morning. There is nothing more relaxing than knowing you can lower your guard in the knowledge that others are looking out for you with infrastructure to respond. God created one of nature’s great backdrops. John and Delvene have created one of the great ways to enjoy every bit of it. A place to enjoy a holiday where you leave with memories – not regrets.”

Eddie McGuire   January 2008

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