Best Guide to Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay is a coastal town in New South Wales in southeastern Australia. Byron Bay luxury accommodation is what it’s well known for.

It’s a famous holiday spot for people from Australia but also other parts of the world as well. The history of this town dates back to 1770 when Lieutenant James Cook found a safe anchorage and named it Cape Byron after his fellow sailor John Byron. If you’ve been wondering what this town has to offer then you’re at the right place; this is the best guide to Byron Bay, Australia with specific and brief info you need to know.

What is Byron Bay famous for?

Reasons why Byron Bay is a famous holiday destination are numerous. Apart from being known for some of the world’s most luxurious beachfront accommodation it’s the most eastern point of Australia. The Cape Byron and is home to the well-known Byron Bay Lighthouse which is one of the most powerful working lighthouses in the country.

The town is also famous for its:

  • unique ambiance
  • hippy and street artists
  • colourful shops
  • penthouse accommodation
  • wedding accommodation
  • hotels on the beach
  • beachfront apartments
  • beach accommodation
  • dining place
  • overall relaxed atmosphere

While many towns and cities are hectic and stressful nowadays Byron Bay is a total opposite. Moreover, Byron Bay is also famous for its numerous festivals all year round. The town also has nine outstanding surfing beaches. The Pass, a famous surfer spot, is right next to the lighthouse. There’s also The Pass, which is ideal for beginners. Other famous spots for surfers include Watego’s and little Watego’s, Belongil beach, the Cosy Corner, just to name a few. 

What to do in Byron Bay?

Regardless of your personal likes and dislikes, there’s a lot you can do in Byron Bay. You can visit the lighthouse and the beaches, go surfing, watch street performers, visit a festival, see what shops have to offer, have a nice dinner. Other options include snorkeling at Julian Rocks Marine reserve, whale-watching, kayaking, cycling, hang gliding, skydiving, visiting a hippy village of Nimbin, exploring national parks, and so much more. In other words, Byron Bay is a type of town where you will have an amazing vacation and it offers the opportunity to try out different things you cannot do elsewhere.

Reasons you’ll love Byron Bay

As a part of the best guide to Byron Bay, Australia here are some things that you will love about this vibrant town. They include:

  • Breathtaking sunsets
  • Beautiful sunrise
  • Wildlife encounters (whales, dolphins, ancient turtles, seabirds)
  • Perfect for yoga 
  • Idyllic country drives
  • Plenty of secret swimming holes 

All in all, Byron Bay is one of the coziest and most vibrant towns in Australia. If you are looking for your next holiday spot then Byron Bay should be on top of the list. The town offers something for everyone. It gives you the opportunity to explore and experience a variety of things that other towns can’t provide. You can enjoy different things in one, beautiful town. Reasons to love Byron Bay are numerous and you’ll see it for yourself once you visit this lovely town. 

Choosing Byron Bay Accommodation

Choosing Your Byron Bay Accommodation

Byron Bay is a beautiful coastal town in the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales. A popular holiday destination, Byron Bay is well-known for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches and sites for scuba diving and surfing. When it comes to Byron Bay accommodation options are endless but Beach Suites is the best option. Why? To understand the answer to that question we are going to talk about factors worth considering when choosing accommodation in Byron Bay.


Location is always the most important factor to consider when looking for accommodation, and Byron Bay is not the exception. The goal is to look for a place with wonderful views, close to amazing beaches, stores, but also to offer much-needed peace and relaxation you need. Not many accommodations can achieve all those factors, but Beach Suites checks all the boxes easily. Overlooking Byron Bay’s Main Beach, Beach Suites is an ideal place for people of all ages. Shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars are at your doorstep when you are at Beach Suites.


Although we would like to think that money is not the issue the reality is that the budget matters. The main objective is to opt for an accommodation that pure luxury and is reasonably priced. What does the term “reasonable” mean here? It means that the accommodation should provide a variety of services, amenities, and other features at affordable prices so that people can have a great time without spending a fortune on it. Beaches Suites accommodation gives the experience of the highest quality without placing a heavy burden on your finances.

Quality of offer

You don’t want to choose the accommodation that offers almost nothing while demanding that you pay some outrageous sum of money. Make sure you opt for accommodation that has a lot to offer. For example, Beaches Suites has penthouse apartments, beachfront studios, and garden suites. Penthouse apartments have sweeping ocean views, vast living areas, modern kitchens, spacious bedrooms, bath spa en-suites, private swimming pools, and so much more. Beachfront studios allow individual direct street and beach access through private gates. Garden suites overlook lush tropical terraces; they are elegant and calm.

Pet-friendly Accommodation

Do you have a pet? Beach Suites offers luxury pet friendly accommodation Most luxury accommodations in Byron Bay areas are not pet-friendly which is definitely unfair to your four-legged friend. Beaches Suites is a pet-friendly place meaning you don’t have to leave your dog, cat, or some other pet behind. Isn’t that amazing?


Some people don’t have the habit to read customer reviews, but they are incredibly important. You see, these reviews can help you determine whether some place is reliable or not. You will be happy to know that Beaches Suites has positive reviews from guests who have stayed here.

When looking for Byron Bay accommodation there are several factors to consider including price, pet-friendliness, location, among others. Beaches Suites is a luxury accommodation that you should definitely book. Get more info about Beaches Suites by visiting our Contact Us page in order to see what this accommodation has to offer.

Mary-Anne – April 2019

Thanks so much to everyone who made us feel so welcome. We enjoyed our stay immensely. It’s always lovely coming back to Beach Suites. It’s such a lovely property. Looking forward to staying again.

Mary-Anne – April 2019

Luisa – January 2017


“Dear owners of the beautiful Beach Suites, just had to thank you and let you know how beautiful our room and stay has been. The love, care, your amazing taste in everything. The comfort of the couches and bed – you have thought of everything! The little things like make-up wipes, gorgeous teas, paper towels – so thoughtful. But the character of the room you created, the timber recycled from David Jones, the garden – best place for our relaxing holiday – even the artwork features my favourite flowers, Bird of Paradise – compliments to the artist! Even doing my washing was a pleasure in those fabulous machines. I can’t praise your staff enough – so efficient, friendly and caring and genuine and lovely! So happy to do anything (folding, putting on washing) they LOVE their job – so would I if I worked here! I’m sure it’s because of you and the space you have created. Well done. Thank you so much and can’t wait to come back and will tell all my  friends.”

Luisa – January 2017

Rebecca and Darren – April 2017


We would like to say a massive thank you for our stay last week. It was the first time we bought our kids to stay, and I have to say everything was perfect! Housekeeping bringing in the 2 rollaway beds, having 8 towels at our disposal, and such a clean, inviting room. And for the willingness and ease with which all our fridge minibar was cleared out, thank you! My  hubby and I stayed 2 years ago and loved it. This time with the kids it was even more fantastic! I even believe our room was slightly larger than the one we had previously… which was great as there were 4 of us! My hubby was even impressed when you offered to fold and return our laundry that we were washing downstairs! Your staff are amazing, you should be proud of them!

Rebecca and Darren – April 2017

Elly & Al Ormiston – October 2016


Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing stay! The Suite was very well furnished, everything we needed was here (reading lamps would have completed the furnishings). Thank you also to housekeeping staff!! We will let our friends know about our enjoyable stay!!

Elly and Al Ormiston – October 2016

Kelly O’Connelly – September 2016


Absolutely outstanding property. Fitted our needs perfectly, great design, great location, helpful staff, secure carparking. Stayed in the ground floor studio with plunge pool and it was exceptional. Only complaint is that I can’t find any available dates to visit again over the Christmas holidays! Would love to come back again and again.

Kelly O’Connell – September 2016

Emma Benn – July 2016


We had an amazing time at Beach Suites. The recommendation of Go Sea Kayaks was completely on point! Fantastic. The service here was second to none. A family holiday to remember. Thank you so much.

Emma Benn – July 2016


Danielle and John Bellinger – January 2016

My husband and I enjoyed our 10 year wedding anniversary at your wonderful accommodation, we can’t thank you enough for the upgrade to a Penthouse which was the best surprise! Everything we needed and more was provided and it made for a very relaxing, luxurious holiday. The staff were very helpful and so friendly, we can’t recommend your services more highly. Location was spot on, wonderful views of the beach from the rooftop pool. We enjoyed every minute and look forward to returning one day.

Danielle and John Bellinger – January 2016